Kristan, Thank you. Your word is GOLDEN. The carpet you delivered is very nice. Dave and Jim covered the cement and due to your effort the patio looks great. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Dorothy R.
Resident at Chapel Oaks, Rochester, NY

I think everyone deserves a team they can trust. That is what we have with LECESSE.

Justine Vogel, President & CEO
Riverwoods Corporation

“LECESSE’s ability to develop a budget at the conceptual level that sticks all the way through to close out is exceptional. They bring real solutions and cost benefit analysis to the table proactively, as its part of their culture . . .”

Dennis M. Wilhelm
Orion Development Advisors, LLC

“When asked to recommend CM’s and general contractors, LECESSE is always at the top of our list. We have worked together to creatively meet tight, recession-driven construction budgets to help our clients realize their goals. . . .They understand the level of quality and effort needed to make senior living communities successful.”

Rich Rosen, Principal
Perkins Eastman

“All construction projects have their challenges but the LECESSE hallmark is to proactively address those challenges and to step up and take responsibility for solving problems whether they are really yours or not.”

Pat Gleason
Greystone Communities

“The two-year preconstruction work that was done by the LECESSE team is in my opinion the most important factor contributing to the overwhelming success of this project. Their in-depth detailed phasing plans and expertise saved our staff thousands of hours of additional work and significantly reduced the stress on our residents and families.”

Charles K. Runyon, President/CEO
St. John’s Home

“You are the best kind of partner RiverWoods could hope for. You know your business and you understand our business and our need to keep the depositors/residents happy and motivated to move in."

Cathleen Toomey, Vice President of Marketing

When I think about LECESSE, I think about a group of people I trust. I trust you and your staff to look out for all my development and building needs and to help me spend my money wisely. Your people reflect your integrity, dedicated service, keeping the client's interests always the priority and extreme flexibility in pursuit of quality. You were as concerned about the final quality and affordability as I was."

William B. Konar
Konar Enterprises