Construction Management

Commitment: For more than 60 years, LECESSE has been dedicated to delivering a first rate quality built project that will meet your exact needs. Our seasoned professionals consult with each client and take the time to understand the unique goals and challenge of each project. Our professionals work with you to devise accurate cost models, retain high-quality contractors within your budget constraints, oversee daily site operations, and ensure that every detail for your project is given proper attention.

Collaboration: LECESSE professionals utilize the collective expertise, talent and experiences of the entire company to develop a tailored construction management plan to help you reach and exceed your project goals. We work as an extension of your staff and hold ourselves personally accountable to every aspect of your project as we implement the latest cutting-edge methods to manage your initiatives. Our thorough understanding of industry practices and processes combined with our stringent regulations for safety bring exceptional value to your project.

Construction Manager Deliverables

To Owners/Developers we deliver:

  • A proactive, collaborative approach to enable you to achieve your goals
  • A highly skilled, responsive team offering innovative strategies with integrity and insight
  • Value-added, comprehensive service at every step of the building process

To Owners' tenants, we pledge:

  • To regard you as a vital team member
  • To understand and adapt to your program and criteria
  • To recognize the critical nature of the delivery and opening process

To our Subcontractors/Suppliers, we assure:

  • Respect, fairness, and prompt payment
  • A team-based relationship
  • The opportunity to succeed and to secure future work