A hallmark of LECESSE Construction is repositioning projects including renovations, expansions and modernizations and of older facilities. With pressure on providers to maintain consensus, lower operating costs, improve wellness and maintain or increase rents building repositions are more important than ever. A well planned and executed repositioning strategy is imperative to make older building stock stand out from the crowd and compete with new class A buildings.

Repositioning can take on many forms, from a simple cosmetic upgrade to major modernizations and renovations including new facades, building systems and building cores. With each project, multiple factors determine the best strategy, but ultimately, you as the owner want to make improvements that will provide the maximum return on your investment. Planning for a repositioning requires early consultation and collaboration in an effort to maximize the value of your facility, analyze the market and your competition, develop concept choices, and estimate costs. From the onset, it is critical to understand the buildings current condition and constraints. As your building partner, we look at opportunities related to building systems condition, code, ADA, roof, energy efficiency, amenities and of course, resident needs.

Benefits of Building Repositioning

  • More than 50% less expensive than building new
  • Can be performed while occupied
  • Improve building systems and control
  • Increased indoor air quality for occupants
  • Higher ROI's
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase square footage / rentable space
  • Potential tax incentives associated with improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities
  • Positive community impact
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • New / updated amenities
  • Increase tenant appeal